The Rabbit is found throughout most of Western Europe and was first introduced by the Normans as a food and clothing source, these days it can be found almost any ware from Golf Courses to Roundabouts on busy roads.


They breed from January to July, females born in the early part of the year can start to breed at 3-4 months the gestation period is 28-30 days with an average of 5 young per litter and females produce 4-5 litters a year- hence Rabbits legendary powers of reproduction, a small number can soon escalate into an infestation in a short period of time.


Damage to cereals and other crops and to market gardens can result in serious economic loss to farmers and growers. They can also seriously damage and kill newly planted or mature shrubs. They can also undermine embankments and structures with their burrowing, gardeners know all too well the destruction that can take place in domestic gardens and allotments.


Fencing can be to be affective providing it has been correctly installed, also tree guards and repellents can help against damage to trees. Electric fencing can help to prevent crop damage as a temporary solution.


We offer a comprehensive range of control against Rabbits from traditional methods such as ferrets and nets and trapping through to the more modern methods such as gassing.


If you’re experiencing Rabbit problems let us offer you a free survey and solution that meets your requirements.

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