Pigeons and Seagulls


Pigeons and Seagulls have become a major problem in our Towns and Cities. Over the last 20 years there has been a steady rise in the Seagull and Pigeon populations as they have learnt very quickly to adapt to urban life, causing many problems to public health and safety.


Seagulls are a very territorial bird and  become very protective towards their young. This leads to host of problems given that the nests are usually in close proximity to us, they are noisy and aggressive and cause structural damage to buildings and property.


We are all aware of the problems caused by Pigeons and droppings and the list of diseases associated with them


At Apest Solutions we offer a range of solutions from Live Predatory Response from our dedicated bird team to installing the latest bird prevention systems.


We also remove bird droppings from lofts, roofs, buildings, fire escapes etc:






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