There are a large number of Invertebrates, or Insects as they're better known that come into contact with us which we regard as pests.


Wasps, Blue and Green Bottle Flies, Common House Fly, Lesser House Fly, Cluster Flies, Drain and Fruit Flies, Garden Ants, Ghost Ants, Fleas, Silver Fish, Carpet Beetles, Wood Lice, Cockroaches, Stored Product Insects and Case Bearing Cloth Moths; far too many to mention.


Summer marks the start of the Wasps and Flies, Ants season; Autumn arrives and so do the cluster flies in our lofts and windows.


We are all familiar with the annoyance they cause in our homes and gardens, all of which can be easily treated.


You may have noticed your carpets becoming somewhat thread bear in dark corners and behind furniture; or holes in rugs and clothing; or you may be being bitten by biting Insects such as Fleas.



We have a range of comprehensive solutions to help combat these unwanted guests from Insecticidal treatments to supplying and fitting Electric Fly Killers; both to commercial and residential customers.


We also offer a unique Insect  treatment that’s applied to windows and UPVC, it’s particularly popular in conservatories and summer houses and windows that seem to attract Insects it dries clear and with no smears and being oil based can withstand light cleaning and gives months of protection and it kills most flies and wasps on contact.


Call us today and we can help and advise you to a solution to these problems.

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