Commerical and Residential

We cover all commercial premises including Pubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Retirement Homes, Food Manufacturing, Farms etc.


We initially install rodent and insect monitoring points that are inspected on a regular basis and advise on proofing issues and on housekeeping and hygiene food storage all insuring that your premises are kept pest free.


We are British Pest Control Association trained to a minimum of Level 2. We also hold level 2 in Food Safety for Manufacturing, Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace. All training certificates are available on request.


We feel it is very important to keep our training levels up to the latest standards to ensure confidence in our clients.


Please contact us and we can carry out a free survey and pest control package tailored to your needs.


Some of our residential clients choose to have their properties protected all year round, this especially if the property may be older and prone to pests or close to fields and farm land.


Regular visits throughout the year ensure that their homes are kept pest free and a pest prevention system is installed for monitoring and control.


Our homes are vulnerable to a host of unwanted pests throughout the year. Many of us have encountered small droppings or strange noises from the loft or perhaps have found chewing’s in cupboards or have been a victim of an angry wasp in the house or garden or driven mad by flies.


At Apest Solutions we cover all of life’s little visitors that choose to visit us from time to time


We offer a very effective fly treatment that can be applied to glass or plastic that dries clear and last many weeks/months that will kill any fly wasp or insect that comes into contact with it.


It may be biting insects that are making life a misery or moths that have taken a liking to your wool carpet; all of these can be controlled quickly and efficiently.


Don’t put up with Pests in your home, ring us to today and let the experts help.


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