Bird Proofing

We can all appreciate the mess and the noise and other problems that come with nuisance birds like Seagulls and Pigeons not to mention the risk to ourselves  and our property.


At Apest Solutions we have a comprehensive range of bird prevention systems ranging from basic bird spiking that can be fixed to window ledges and flat surfaces, to netting off complete roof tops to prevent Seagulls from using it as a breeding site.


We also install bird wire systems that are almost invisible to the eye from a short distance both stopping Pigeons and Seagulls from being able to land on them.


We also install Avishock a new Electric bird deterrent system which provides a hugely new professional management option alongside traditional bird spikes and bird wire, it's proven not to harm birds.


Please contact us for a free survey, we advise you on a bird deterrent system which is both cost and bird effective.



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